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So Tweet Now in Google Search Archive

If Twitter can provide real-time information about what's happening in the world, Google is trying to document the Tweet (Twitter users comment) on every event that took place.

"Tweet and all information updates, including a comment in Twitter will provide a holistic view of what happens when an event occurs or information. In fact all of them capable of giving the conclusion of the reaction," said Google Product Manager Real-Time Search Dylan Casey, as quoted by PC Magazine, Thursday (15/4/2010).

To access these features, added Casey, the Google search engine users click on a link to live 'show options' menu and then pressing the 'Updates'. Google will automatically display some Tweet about the topic to be searched, but only limited to Tweet the most in-retweet and is in the top position.

With this list, users can dig deeper search, by months, days, even hours of the incident. Unfortunately, for this early stage of the search is only capable of displaying a Tweet from February 11, 2010. Forward search results will be displaying Tweet Tweet's first event since its launch, which is March 21, 2006.

Besides the United States (U.S.), Google's new feature will also be enjoyed in the UK in the next few days. Furthermore, the new will visit the other countries.

Google actually has long sought to work together in the Twitter search engine. But this is the first time realized. Looking ahead, Bing and Yahoo is expected to catch up on Twitter pinning its search engine because the talks among the companies had indeed occurred. (Srn)


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