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Google Acquisition of Online Video Companies

Google did not stop its expansion into various fields with the purchase of potential companies. This time it turns episodic, online video platform company of origin of San Francisco officially acquired the internet giant.
Reported by ZDNet, Sunday (4/4/2010), Google did not mention the opening of an agreement between the two. Meanwhile, Co-Founder and Matthias episodic Noam Lovinsky Cudich in his blog expresses only indication that indicates that they are cooperating on the video in a web by Google.
"Episodic and Google share the common vision for video on the web. Video online will exist everywhere, entertaining, providing information and very effective," wrote Lovinsky and Cudich.
"Neither Google nor episodic put the value in creating a rich experience for all who accessed the video and to present a flexible and robust platform for video upload, businesses and advertisers," he added.
They claimed to feel happy to join the talented team at Google to jointly create a great experience as the confessed 'and upload the video.
Google Given the vigorous middle 'play' YouTube, then it is very fair if Google has targeted companies such as episodic, which focus on such things as analysis, content management, monetization, mobile and syndicated. (Red)


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