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AdMob Apple Help Google Acquisition?

Apple's decision to plunge into the mobile advertising market eventually provide benefits for Google. Despite going to compete, Google is also grateful to Apple.

"I hope that, with Apple's plans are, the regulators would approve the deal Google's acquisition of AdMob," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt, as quoted by Reuters on Monday (12.4.2010).

As is known, the current regulators are still concerned about the existence of monopolies which launched the search engine company Google if it agreed to acquire AdMob. This acquisition would also tend to hurt application developers who sell ads still in small quantities, and obtain money from the sale of advertising space.

However, with Apple's plan to enliven the mobile advertising market and acquire a more or less Quatro Wireless will be dispelled such fears. Could be, the plan also would change the views of the regulators.

Having launched the iPad, Apple is committed to entering the mobile advertising market. In addition to strengthened with the acquisition valued at USD270 million Quatro Wireless, Apple has also launched a mobile advertising platform with the name of IAD.

Google itself had been a single player in the global mobile advertising revenues are dominated by contributions from here, approximately 97 percent of total revenue generated approximately USD 23, 7 billion.

The dominance of the income and the absence of the competitors and then create a Google suspicion of monopoly, especially with the acquisition of AdMob. (Srn)


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