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Pembayaran Incrasebux $36

Hello dear members,

Thanks for all your support.

I have a solution to paypal problem. First we need made some temporary changes to give possibility to all members get payments, some members think that my paypal account was limited, my account wasn't limited! Paypal hold 25% of each payment I receive and release it after 60 days, I get all balance on hold because company profit is aroud 5% of payments receive and how paypal hold 25%, in less than 60 days I get all my balance in hold.
Paypal release around $10k to $20k per day but it isn't enough to pay all members with old cashout limits, so we need change business plan to adapt it to new conditions!

Changes to implement:

- cashouts amount will stay in half like is now and days betwwen cashouts stay like before changes. For investors will be $125 every 4 days, this is $875 profit a month, I think is not bad!
With this the money that paypal release everyday is enough to pay almoast of members. So:
- Premium can cashout max 40$ per payments every 8 days
- Elite can cashout max 75$ per payments every 6 days.
- Investor can cashout max 125$ per payments every 4 days.

- cashouts will be sent as refund if member made any purchase by paypal in last 45 days. This will release the 25% on hold for the payment receive and allow more members to get payments. With this members only can request payments for same paypal email that made purchases. This will help to prevent cheaters that cashout to different emails then request chargebacks

- I will use same system to alertpay to prevent cheaters.

- I need 3 days to implement this changes in script. In this 3 days we don't sent any payment.

- All members that request chargebacks get account suspended immediately and will get only money refunded if have made more purchases than cashouts. I see now many members requesting chargebacks and they already cashout more than what spend! This new system will stop cheaters.

- If Paypal allow this refunds I will active paypal again for purchases.

This is what I can do for now. This is the best for all of us. Suggestion are welcome.

I pay perfectly for 3 years and Paypal don't will change it!
I have a perfect system to members and company get profit, I have money to pay members and do business! Paypal don't will kill it.
As always, the problems only make us stronger!

Best regards
Mengikuti peraturan baru sampe bulan desember nanti. karena banyak masalah sama paypal akhir-akhir ini di berbagai PTC. Cuma bisa cashout sebesar $36 ,lumayan dah walo kepotong $4 gpp yang penting masih instan. ntah lupa ini pembayaran keberapa, wkwkwkwk


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